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Shayar in me

In Confrontations in life. on December 3, 2011 at 2:19 AM

Tonight i feel like wordpressing some shayari. Dont know where these thoughts come from but they certainly are worth publishing.

Situation: Post fight scenario between two lovers.
Tere labon se woh shabd nikle jo dil cheer gaye,
k pehli baar laga yeh mohabbat nahi hai.

Har alfaz pe hum sehem gaye, toot gaye,
aaj tere chehre pe woh raunak nahi hai.

Mujhse pehle bhi hui thi khata janeman,
yeh khata lekin qabil-e- bayaan nahi hai.

Teri aankhon mey dekha jab woh chupi si nami,
ehsaas hua yeh mamlaa bas yun-hi nahi hai.

kya bataun tujhe k mai hoon aur-o se judaa,
meri fidrat mey woh zakhm- faroshi nahi hai.

tujhe udaas dekh k hua yeh ehsaas,
k yeh jo tujhme hai woh tujh sa nahi hai.

meri galti thi k mai hua tujhse yun khafa,
kyu ki teri galti kabhi  bhi, galti nahi hai.

Ab mat kar mujhpe sitam, ae zalim,
k tere siva meri koi arzoo nahi hai…!

P.S. Fights make the relationships grow stronger. Just a thought.
Comment if you like 🙂



Of what I am composed.

In Generic on November 2, 2009 at 11:22 PM

I know not of what i’m composed
my soul seems so unexplored
without a hint i do wander
in search of something so disguised,

what emotions are within me i know not
for these guide me through my journey
the path i tread is so blurred
bifurcated at points unexplained,

abruptly then arise some hurdles
for me to cross with wit and sense
is this what they call life
or just a journey in disguise,

at times i do get lured
of mysterious things which seem good
then i call my inner soul
to get it right and avoid foul,

when i turn to have a look
every thing disappears, every nook
and unknown fears fill my mind
then i m afraid of even the wind,

still there is this strength unknown
which i have experienced for long
and a shadow walks besides me
makes my path a beautiful song

yet now i look forard into the future
for this mystery i see far and near
i search for the query i tossed,
coz I know not of what i m composed…


They Call Me the Heart Breaker

In Generic on October 1, 2009 at 2:38 PM

With natural charm, and glittering eyes,
I appear a magnetic personality,
But don’t get deceived by me victim
They call me the heart-breaker.

Alluring at once, and then so plain,
You will find me totally sane,
But deep inside there is a devil
They call me the heart-breaker.

Varied aspects which are sure to work,
To the world I am no shark,
But I am no less a destroyer
They call me the heart breaker.

Dreams that you visualize may shatter,
The world may feel its unfair,
But baby don’t be in the dark
They call me the heart-breaker

Coming to me will do you no good,
It’s a bad world and I am worse,
Do justice to yourself m no liar
They call me the Heart Breaker!

P.S: The Heartbreaker is no reflection of myslef, It can be anyone including you, the reader. So no blames on the writer dudes and dudedettes…!!

Soulful lines, for the angel.

In All Stuff in here. on August 17, 2009 at 4:38 AM

It was one mighty weekend! Had a good time lazing around after a week-long job affair. Independence day saw us all lying at home having no business with the country, listening to patroitic songs and trying to show love for the country. However, that is what happens all the time. Just yesterday night was i listening to fever FM on my phone when such a melody striked my ears that i couldn’t help but publish the lines,. So here they come, the lines, in praise of my beautiful, angellic friend, who occupied my mind all the time when the song was playing…

Arz kiya hai,

Kal chaudvi ki raat thi, shab bhar raha charcha tera,

Kuch ne kaha yeh chand hai,

kuch ne kaha yeh chaand hai, kuch ne kaha chehera tera.

Hum bhi wahin maujud the

hum bhi wahin maujud the,

humse bhi sab poocha kiye,

hum hans diye..hum chup rahe,

Manzoor tha parda tera.

Is sehar mey kisse milen, Humse toh choothi mehfilen

Is sehar mey kisse milen

humse toh chooti mehfilen,

Har shaks tera naam le,

Kar shaks tera naam le,

Har shaks deewana tera…

Kuch ne kaha yeh chaand hai, kuch ne kaha…chehera tera…

I dont know how appealing these lines are to other people but they touched my heart for sure, coz they praise the beautiful imaginary friend of mine.

I haven’t pirated lines from a song or from other writers of late, but these lines are irresistble, and it is by these that you gain some inspiration for original work. There is so much to life, so much in life, which is unexplored, for us to discover, for the rest of our lives.

With love in heart, prayer on lips and electricity in mind, here I am, all set for a new week, starting today. Lets make this week a better one.


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