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The Purest form of joy..

In Generic on December 22, 2009 at 7:04 PM

In the quest for knowledge, money, power, and what not, people today have lost interest, or probably overlooked the little joys of life. Even businessess today are potraying these joys and reminding people to not skip these little joys. I wanted to list down these little joys of life, which i personally enjoy, and feel is worth sharing with all people, coz u never know, u might be just skipping the fun when this post might help.

1. Birdwatching: It is one of the rare hobbies which not many people enjoy. I enjoy looking aat t he birds when they fly, and when they hop. There is a specfic pattern with different kind of birds. Many thoughts take off with the birds. When you are watching the minutest moments of a birs, you feel like a free birs, and that rekindles lost hopes. Try this one out for sure.

2. Photography: Capturing special moments, and that too with style is one passion i have. There is so much beauty all around, and there is a need to capture these scenes for they may not appear forever. Photography is an Art. You develop a different kinda vision, an eye for beauty,  an eye for perfection, a spotting nature.

3. Reading: They say books are a man’s best friend, and they are right. Books give you everything from company, to knowledge, to entertainment. The more you read, the more you crave for more.

4. Writing: Try penning down your thoughts whenever you think of something good or bad. ANd later on when you read it, u ll be surprised. Writing ignites the passion to put into action, though virtually, what you think , and feel. The way it works is that, the ideas get out of your mind, even if on paper, and start breathing.

5. Kids: The reason I put this as the last point is that the best things are always saved for the last . Play with a kid for a few minutes and you ll understand why this makes up to be the most important item on this list. The innocent smile, the heartfelt laughter, the trust that they have on you, that you wont let them fall, the sweet childish activities, the selfless love. All these things only a kid can make u feel. They say kids are God. I say God also wishes he was a kid.

These things make me feel good about life. They rejuvenate me when i am exhausted, they rekindle hope when i feel low, they are they way to little happiness, and pure joys of life.


College Learnings

In Generic on December 13, 2009 at 10:10 PM

One who has been to the college has experienced true, REAL knowledge. I personally learnt so many new things in college, which i have listed. Though they dont include academics,( not even a mention of it), it is still a nice list and I am sure, many of us, if not all have experienced these things and absorbed the learnings. 🙂

Things you would learn in college:

– Flip-flops become as important as soap, and shampoo.
– Asleep by 2:30 AM is an early night.
– New additions to the food groups: Coke, Fast food, Chooclates
–  Cello tape heals all wounds.
– Showers become less important.
– Sleep becomes more important.
– 10 minutes is more than enough time to get ready for your first class.
– YOUR first class and the first hour of college are two different things.
– SMS becomes your second language.
– You never before realized so many people are smarter than you.
– You never before realized so many people are DUMBER than you.
– Professors are like celebrities: you see them, but they never see you.
– Maggi never constituted a complete meal before.
– College girls are the same as high school girls – just with more freedom, and no curfew.
– Learn to love your roommate, especially when he leaves you the room.
– Printers only break down when you desperately need them.
– Things that were a huge deal in high school are now commonplace.
– You never thought you would share so much about yourself with people you have known for such a short time.
– Any game can be made into a drinking game.
– You will hear more stupid nicknames than you ever thought possible.
– ATMs are the devil’s advocate.
– People still cheat; it’s just more technologically advanced.

– Night rides are very important. Specially if you have exams the next day.
– You get really good with excuses for skipping class
– Ordering food at 1 AM is a common occurrence.
– You never knew you could gossip so much, that too all night long.
– Keys have never been so important, yet you seem to lose them more than ever before.
– Jeans may be worn as many times as the wearer desires.
– You have two kinds of shoes: everyday shoes and party shoes.
– You are NEVER alone. Friends are like pests.
– It’s amazing how late you can stay up doing absolutely nothing, yet falling asleep in class or in the library takes an average of two seconds.
– All you have to do to make new friends is have mom send some cookies.
– You never realized how quiet your house was.
– Your life will never be the same again.

This and many more things, which constitute the college life. Its a one time charm, which comes and goes and changes you forever. All that happens after that is missing these pretty moments, exchanging senti dialouges with college friends and the usual.College, the best days of our lives!

Of what I am composed.

In Generic on November 2, 2009 at 11:22 PM

I know not of what i’m composed
my soul seems so unexplored
without a hint i do wander
in search of something so disguised,

what emotions are within me i know not
for these guide me through my journey
the path i tread is so blurred
bifurcated at points unexplained,

abruptly then arise some hurdles
for me to cross with wit and sense
is this what they call life
or just a journey in disguise,

at times i do get lured
of mysterious things which seem good
then i call my inner soul
to get it right and avoid foul,

when i turn to have a look
every thing disappears, every nook
and unknown fears fill my mind
then i m afraid of even the wind,

still there is this strength unknown
which i have experienced for long
and a shadow walks besides me
makes my path a beautiful song

yet now i look forard into the future
for this mystery i see far and near
i search for the query i tossed,
coz I know not of what i m composed…


One for my college Days..!!

In Generic on November 2, 2009 at 11:15 PM

A new route, a new begining,
With new hopes, comes this ending,

A better life,is what we aspire for,
The best life dat we r leaving behind,

Everyone says a lot abt memories but,
No one knows what is really da feeling,

everything flashes in da memory,
from da 1st day of college, da begining of dis story,

the way we came to know each one,
the way we felt wonderfully awesome,

all those hills nd vallyes of life we came across,
times both good and bad we did cross,

friends became a part of our life,
everything from NCC to SIFE,

and today we are at dis bifurcated road,
in a dillema which path 2 tread,

but what has begun will surely end,
and good times dont last long my friend,

so accept dis bitter truth coz we have 2,
its time 2 say good bye 2 friends old and new,

tears roll down da cheeks without my consent,
and i regret why every beginning has an end!!!!

[Dedicated to GITAM. The college in which I met all those wonderful friends for life, And had the best times of my life. Love GITAM. Love all of you.]

What is love?

In Generic on October 25, 2009 at 10:49 PM

This ain’t my own post. So there is no need to panic all you girls out there.  I am still available 🙂

Okay. Jokes apart,  these are a few lines by one good friend of mine (Simran). Just posting them cause i liked them and hopefully everyone else reading it will like it too.

Here it goes. It is all about love. The feelings, emotions, attachments, and all the stuff that a person goes through when he/she is in love. A wonderful expression of all the happenings ( mishappenings maybe) in love. The way it works, and the way it makes you work. Simple lines they are, but only the ones truly, deeply in love will understand the underlying meaning.


Something that created us
A feeling of togetherness
It changes shape and form
but never dies & lives on

It could have a thousand names
& at times is faceless
It is the magical potion of immortality

Love is cool  as the sea breeze
It has the warmth of the fire
It creates a desire in you,
the more you get it, the more you yearn for it

Love is beautiful
It is ageless & youthful
Love is within you
Love is inside me,

And expression & shower,
Only makes it grow,
by manifolds…

Love is lively,
It fills you with euphoria
Love raises you high
and at times smashes you to the ground

A feeling of Strength at times
and at times it drains you out
Love can move mountains,
& sometimes also floats in the air,

Love is wonderful
Cheerful, Ultimate
Love is yours forever & ever.

When smiles keep you going

In Generic on October 3, 2009 at 11:33 PM


If the whole world were a garden

she got all the thorns

whatever came in the way, pricked

Still she looks at me and smiles,


If suffering forever too seems like luxury

for what she has faced is worse

her heart was shattered time and again

Still she looks at me and smiles,


If even giving away all was not sacrifice

for that she renounced was even more

nothing was left which she could claim

Still she looks at me and smiles,


If all she wanted was a true friend

for she has faced only betrayal

God felt it was too much of a thing

Still she looks at me and smiles,


For I could do nothing but be her friend

for that is all she ever wanted

i could not stop my eyes from getting moist

Still she looks at me, and, smiles…

They Call Me the Heart Breaker

In Generic on October 1, 2009 at 2:38 PM

With natural charm, and glittering eyes,
I appear a magnetic personality,
But don’t get deceived by me victim
They call me the heart-breaker.

Alluring at once, and then so plain,
You will find me totally sane,
But deep inside there is a devil
They call me the heart-breaker.

Varied aspects which are sure to work,
To the world I am no shark,
But I am no less a destroyer
They call me the heart breaker.

Dreams that you visualize may shatter,
The world may feel its unfair,
But baby don’t be in the dark
They call me the heart-breaker

Coming to me will do you no good,
It’s a bad world and I am worse,
Do justice to yourself m no liar
They call me the Heart Breaker!

P.S: The Heartbreaker is no reflection of myslef, It can be anyone including you, the reader. So no blames on the writer dudes and dudedettes…!!

Life+Love = ME

In Generic on September 21, 2009 at 12:00 PM

Times may change, people may change, but my love for you will never change!

No. This isn’t some romeo noting down his feelings for his Juliet who he thinks is the most beautiful woman in the world and whom he would bestow all his love, and get the world to her feet, get stars form skies blah blah blah!

Its my LIFE which I am talking about. I have lately realized that even though life passes through different phases, and it takes you for more of a ride kind, all you need to do is love it to live it. Once that love changes, you feel pretty messed up with nothing to do and facing divergent paths which are hard to choose.

Now this kind of a post is not necessarily a morale booster, or one of those which re-instill the love-life attitude in you, but is good to read though. After much thought I think life, can very well be used as an acronym to describe what it has, and what it means.

It is as follows:

LIFE: Love It For Ever! Yeah, coz once you fall in love with life(now get over ‘falling’ being a negation), it gets better. What’s living if you are not bewitched, bewildered, be be be…etc etc?

Its time folks, to get that change, so that you can enjoy, even in harsh times.

Cheers to life,


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