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My Campus placement experience

In Confrontations in life. on March 28, 2012 at 3:41 PM

Having secured a placement from college feels great. So read on to discover the whole process and the experience that you can expect during the process.

The campus placement experience was a real learning experience. All the whims and fancies that every one of us had during the rigorous grooming sessions at college were confronted with their realistic counterparts.

The company I got placed in was the fifth company I was appearing for. I was excited and confident at the same time. The experiences that I had gathered while appearing for other processes helped me sail rather smoothly during this process.

This company is one of the best known Indian companies that you can work for. Moreover the work culture and the way the Team interacted with us during the pre-placement talks were the reasons which sparked my interest to appear for the said company.

The processes conducted for selection were –
• Group Discussion (group of 10-11 people)
• Extempore (individually for 32 people)
• Final Interview

In the first round, the GD, the topic given to our group was ‘MBA versus Technical Education’.

Well, this is one of the most generic and well known topics that you can get in your GD. The catch is that the topic does not read any specialized knowledge on any subject. Owing to this generic appeal of the topic, the GD was more of a battlefield than you could generally expect. It began with the usual discussions and moved on to one in which people were speaking either for or against the topic.

The discussion was overall healthy and the members in my group came up with some vivid facts and the pros and cons of the side of the topic they were supporting.

I presented my views to the group for about 3-4 times during the whole discussion, supporting the need of an MBA to gain a broad knowledge base. My focus was on quality, not on quantity. Hence I didn’t speak too much. Having cleared Gd’s in the past, I was hoping I get through this one as well.

There were overall 12 GDs held and approximately 120-125 students participated in the process. Out of this 32 students were short listed for the next round.

The second round was a new method that wasn’t used by any company that came before this particular company. It was a mixed test of your Individual abilities, Skills, Judgment capabilities and Personality. It was like a one-one interface with the panel which consisted of two members. One of them was a psychology expert and other was an HR.

It went on like this:

I entered the room when my turn came. Upon entering, I exchanged greetings with the panel members. The students who had gone in before me gave me an overview of the process. I was supposed to pick up a chit from a bowl and speak on the topic written on it for 5 minutes. I was ready for that.

But, to my surprise, nothing of that sort happened. Instead, they asked me to speak about myself for 5 minutes. Now, that was a real challenge. They gave me a minute to thing, and I was standing there collecting my thoughts.

I made up my mind and told them I was ready, within less than a minute.

I started with my educational details and a short brief about my family. I used the opportunity to present the kind of person I really was. The winning streak was that I was really honest. Plus, I made the whole scenario humorous and interesting. They seemed to be very interested in what I was saying and that called the shots for me.

This was not a elimination round but the scores from this round carried great weightage for the whole process.

The final round was that of a personal interview with a panel of 2 members.

During my interview I was asked the following questions –

• Introduce Yourself
• Looking at your profile, I thing you would be more fit for an Advertising and Marketing role. I think you should try on and off campus for that.
• Why is it you want to get into sales?
• Why do you want to join this company?
• What are your future goals?
• Family Background

My interview went well and I was hoping I would get through.

The company is known for its ethics and care of employees. It was evident throughout the process. After all interviews were over, the panel divided all the aspirants in groups of 10. This heightened our anxiety and restlessness.

Soon, the first group was called to the conference room. I was not on that group. They were inside the room for around 15 minutes during which all others waiting outside developed all kinds of speculations and predictions.

Finally, the students came out and we learned that they did not make it. The panel call them in to brief them and to make sure they are not disappointed. This was an amazing gesture.

Same happened with the 2nd group and I was not in that as well.

Next, they called the third group. We were all guessing we are selected but were unsure. We were called to the conference room which was vacant. We waited for around 10 minutes and were all curious.

Finally the panel members entered and announced what our ears loved to hear. All of us were selected (10 in total form all four colleges).

They congratulated us for making it to this huge enterprise and wished us all luck.

We finally came out, feeling elated, jumping with joy, some making phone calls to their parents.

Some tips from my experience:

In GD, the concept of Quantity is stale these days. Show quality. Remember, it’s not always the one who starts the GD who has leadership qualities. You must develop an ability to steer through and speak relevant content that people would pay attention to. No beating around the bush.

In Extempore and related processes, try to be honest and present yourself in a humorous and intelligent way.

In PI, nothing beats honesty, commitment, and integrity. Show your passion for the role and the company. Be confident and prepared before in hand. Most importantly, relax. These are the same people who you will interact with almost all the time once you are in.


Shayar in me

In Confrontations in life. on December 3, 2011 at 2:19 AM

Tonight i feel like wordpressing some shayari. Dont know where these thoughts come from but they certainly are worth publishing.

Situation: Post fight scenario between two lovers.
Tere labon se woh shabd nikle jo dil cheer gaye,
k pehli baar laga yeh mohabbat nahi hai.

Har alfaz pe hum sehem gaye, toot gaye,
aaj tere chehre pe woh raunak nahi hai.

Mujhse pehle bhi hui thi khata janeman,
yeh khata lekin qabil-e- bayaan nahi hai.

Teri aankhon mey dekha jab woh chupi si nami,
ehsaas hua yeh mamlaa bas yun-hi nahi hai.

kya bataun tujhe k mai hoon aur-o se judaa,
meri fidrat mey woh zakhm- faroshi nahi hai.

tujhe udaas dekh k hua yeh ehsaas,
k yeh jo tujhme hai woh tujh sa nahi hai.

meri galti thi k mai hua tujhse yun khafa,
kyu ki teri galti kabhi  bhi, galti nahi hai.

Ab mat kar mujhpe sitam, ae zalim,
k tere siva meri koi arzoo nahi hai…!

P.S. Fights make the relationships grow stronger. Just a thought.
Comment if you like 🙂


A healthy discussion: Android vs Windows vs BB OS vs iOS

In Confrontations in life. on October 3, 2011 at 12:17 AM

This post has excerpts from a chat between me and my senior (Arpit sir) about the aforementioned OS(s) for future smartphones. Who will rule the charts in future was the unspoken question. 


iphone is popular in corporate. as it looks like to Me.


jus wait for windows 7, 8 and so on… android will be history


I doubt… I am hardcore Android Freak… I am in love with it


but MS is coming up in a big way, specially with the tie up with nokia,  they will have advantage of volumes …specially inAsia


I don’t believe people saying that iphone is better than Android

but as many say this,  I have started believing this…

so will MS play on cost??


Hopefully.  MS will do what it does best: make people dependent on its OS.




The biggest strength of android is an open platform. but now that the newer OS’s are integrating n android support, like the BB 7 OS


Yup… similar to Linux… Firefox… and all of them a success.


Yeah, but then, MS makes it so big that the developers are forced to design it 4 its OS’s

think of this : today any comp software has to be Windows compatible.

even MAC users have windows installed!


right… but I guess the Win 7 phone is out… and it failed to makes fuzz


ya… they r learning from the mistakes. use a win 7 phone, u ll know the diff

MS understands User interface like no one else does

it has been seeing it since the evolution of computers.


You sound like a MS fan J


not really. I m not a fan of any OS. coz no point being one. it’s all a fad,

and these days they have even shorter life cycles


I am fan of Android… just because of its Market… The apps there are so exhaustive… you name it and it has it…


yeah true. dats a fad, that’s the in thing now. In yesteryears, phone hardware features were imp

today OS is. Tomorrow something else wud be…maybe UI


in which MS excels… as per you


it does. dats what is my thinking. speculative though. also the industry dynamics show such a trend. mass markets generally rule, dats what makes mkt share.


but analysts say that the tie up of Nokia with MS is biggest blunder in history of Noika


nokia cudn have achieved much with stupid symbian either.  with MS they have hope…

they cud have tied up with google


I wish they have more than just hope with MS J

and what about the buying out of Motorola by Google… wont they come up big.


today an avg person buys an android jus coz its popular. Not everyone makes use of its features.

Google hasn’t succeeded in hardware so far

although I have heard that they r opening up exclusive Stores


yup… they are. there is already on inLondon. I read on Business Insider.


yeah…so in dat case it’s gonna be a tuff war for sure. I did read dat news bit too

now, who emerges winner is ultimately with the end users

if MS can re-create a perception…


yup… Marketing is a battle of perceptions. not products


Exactly. Apple n BB r niche.  I wud never like to buy an apple jus because I know it ll be out of mkt in few months.  with a new upgraded features-to die for product. And that will hurt even more than what u paid for it.


it’s not a problem outsideIndia… as in US people can hand over their previous iphone, add some minor amount… and get the newer version

inIndia… there is nothing like this. that’s why Apple can afford to release a new version… coz it works in US, Singapore etc.  I am not sure f it does in India


its coz they r on contracts therefore I said I wud never buy it…coz inIndia, thy cant afford to do it.

And with MNP coming in, it’s even more difficult to sell contract phones




so in the end, the best thing is to let them introduce, wait for a low-price variant and den shift.

its okay to stay a lil behind in USING the tech. 🙂


Comments welcome.

Please ignore the typos and the formatting.

Main MBA hoon.

In Confrontations in life. on May 8, 2011 at 10:42 PM

Insights into the life on an MBA student and a year that is everything but, missing.

‘Main MBA hoon.(I am a MBA  student). Main sabse alag hoon. Mujhe dekh k kabhi yeh mat sochna ke main khush hoon. Aur main dukhi bhi nahi hoon. Main sab kuch hoon, aur dusre pal main kuch bhi nahi. Main MBA hoon.’

For emotions have ceased to exist, and I now bear an indifferent attitude towards life, myself, You, and everything else.


MBA. It all started with the excitement, and here we are, witnessing a change, a splendid one! Today, when I reflect back on the memories of the past one year,  I see a mirage of what has happened and the transition that each one of us has undergone, voluntarily or otherwise.

The following are the snapshots of the change that we underwent, at least the majority of us.

  • I am indifferent to everything around me. Classes don’t bother me now. And exams don’t matter.
  • I don’t show up expressions and emotions on my face, for I have become rigid and strong enough to take anything that comes my way.
  • I take calculated risks now, calculating the exact at which I should start so that I reach college  right on time.
  • I am more focused, and know what I want in life. (Placement)
  • I now value family and friends all the more, and at the same time have learned to be detached and renounce.
  • I am  not a normal human being, I am an MBA.
  • I don’t behave like ordinary people (non-MBAs), for I have learnt to market it all.
  • We MBA’s don’t believe in holidays. So we usually spend time in the class, even on Sundays and national holidays.
  • If at all I get a day off by any chance, I wonder what to do, and by the time I understand what can be done, its already dusk.
  • Exams are like vacations to me. I don’t spend time for more than 3 hours in college for almost a fortnight, that’s my definition of vacation.
  • I don’t crave for earthly belongings now, and have attained a divine state of nothingness.
  • I can use more jargons, and can express almost anything in form of a PPT, graph, or more so, a 3-d figure, and can do the analysis.

All this and more. The past year has been a life-changing experience in the true sense of the expression. And yet there’s much more to come.

MBA isn’t “much ado about nothing”. Its beyond that. Its about No ado about so many things. (Excuse me Shakespeare). Its MBA for you.

Comments Welcome. 🙂

Perceptions and Misunderstandings

In Confrontations in life. on August 19, 2010 at 10:24 PM

Howdy WordPress! Its been so long since I actually posted something. So here I am, back to WP, to write my heart out. A sensitive topic as  is apparent from the name, it has successfully amazed me many a times. I find it spectacular as to how people and perceptions change with time, and how first impressions are just for the name sake.

Having  stayed at various places, I have seen this transition happen many a times. So many different people with different mentalities, varied cultures. We humans tend to make up an image of anyone we meet, which doesn’t last long. And most of the times, what we perceive is not what is reality.

We find someone arrogant, someone jovial and someone silent. But that may not be the case most of the times. One who is silent may be a killer. And the one who appears arrogant tends out to be very friendly.

It is these perceptions that go a step further to become misunderstandings, which primarily is because we don’t get the kind of response which we expect, thanks to our perceptions. One can’t control perceptions, but one must be aware of expectations. No expectations = no problems.

So, from now on, if i create an image of a person in my mind, then I better make a mental note that it is just temporary and may change with time. The same is suggested for the readers.

Wishing you all Happy Perceiving, minus the misunderstandings. 🙂

Business a’int my job or Job is none of my business?

In Confrontations in life. on June 15, 2010 at 12:24 PM

At a point of time in life, you are plagued with all kinds of thoughts about your future: what you are supposed to do, how do you make a living, your aspirations, dreams, desires, and the like.
It is at moment that many people face a question: Business or Job?
Very important and disturbing question, specially for one whose family tradition has always been business. But when you chose to be the change in your family, then there are so many questions to be answered. I know many a people who are facing such dilemma.  So lets point out the pros and cons.
There are positives and negatives of both ways of life. In a job, you get to move, can switch between jobs and places, whereas in Business, you are stuck, unless you have a really widespread business.
On the other hand, Business gives you freedom, to decide, to do things the way you want, whereas Job has many a restrictions on you.
Also, Business has its own Independence attached to it. You are the boss. And in a job, you have someone on your head, all the time.
Then we have security. Business is more about risk and uncertainty, whereas the Job is somewhat stable, at least comparatively better.
As far as earnings are concerned, most of the times business wins, but you can always make a lot of money while on a job, just with the right set of investments.

And there are so many more differences, which would help decide, but i would like to know from all the intelligent readers, experienced and freshers. Please drop in your valuable opinions as comments.

It would make many people to decide their career paths.

Circle Of Life. GITAM

In Confrontations in life. on March 5, 2010 at 12:37 AM



It all began with the Results of our 12th class exams (for most people at least). That was one moment of euphoria! (Wallah,I passed feeling!)
Next step was GRADUATION! One much-hyped phase of life, where we expect the much sought after freedom, which we were barred all these years of our lives. So its quite natural to get excited about it. Most people start looking for colleges, which would serve the definition of their dream college. And after enquiries, Exams, etc we shortlist different colleges, in order of our priorities.
I chose Gandhi Institute of Technology And Management,(GITAM) as one of the colleges, like many other interesting people who, gradually became classmates, and then a neccesity of life.

First day of entering the Huge GITAM campus, walking along the naturally decorated “walk-way”. It impressed me so much that i made a decision that i would ignore the other Very popular Bangalore based college which i got through for this one.

Next is the CMS building. So, this is where i will be spending the next three years of my life. Impressive.  A whole day of formalities, including GD, PI, etc and then came the admission merit list. Phew, I am in.  Now, the excitement grew stronger by the day. Hostel admissions, shopping, etc. And then comes the first day in college. So many new faces, strangers, but a feeling that we are classmates, which was binding everyone together.  The Interaction with beloved seniors was another big event. Scary & fun at the same time. Giving Self Descriptions (SD) , GITAM Salute, No going to canteens, wearing formals, Shirt pocket is “Senior Pocket” and so many other things.

Making friends was another important affair. Though at first you tend to like a few people and think these are the friends you want to be with in your years of graduation, you eventually realize that each person in you class is special, is a friend, and is important.
Thus begins a series of classroom lectures, Discussions, Presentations, Parties, etc. Then comes the official announcement of the Fresher’s Party. Yeah! This is what we were waiting for. Fresher’s party is one of the best parties of every one’s life. You can not forget the fun you have in there!

Then comes the dreadiest of them all – Exams. People like me, who beleive in one day batting, start studying, 10 PM the previous day. By 12 AM we feel, we have over-studied and go back to our relaxed state. Each exam passes like this and a year of graduation ends. Finally, its time for the farewell party. Next phase of excitement, Freshers are coming in. All that happened the previous year repeats, with the only difference that we step into senior’s shoes. And we realize that its fun both ways. Amidst all this hustle bustle, comes GEM, the B-school fest. That is one time, when people really work hard, and most importantly, together. Culturals, Artists, Games, Academics. Everyone is busy, doing what he/she could do the best. And GEM becomes a success, thanks to the efforts of the Faculty & Students.

Now as the second year in college is about to end, comes the Sentimental phase, of bidding farewell to the seniors. A party is arranged, and all the memories are remembered. With fun, and emotions, we wish the seniors a great life ahead .

Comes third year, and this is reason enough to get everyone attached to each other. The last year of Graduation. Everyone want to get the most out of it. Spend time with friends, whom we may not see for a long time after college gets over, preparing for future and the competitive exams, and lots more. Its one highly sensitive phase, and the feeling of that phase lasts for a lifetime, feels nostalgic even when i am writing this now.

Then the tour, the best part of Graduation. Planning starts, and we collectively decide on the places to go. Different departments are assigned and we understand our own responsiblities. The tour starts, and we have the best times of our lives. Amidst the Industrial Visits, we have fun out of this world. Much of the credit goes to the company of beloved friend. So much of views, dancing, merriment. Everyone wishes this never ends. At the end of the tour, it feels the earth has stopped rotation. It was all so good, so ecstasic.

Few months left for the final departure from the college. Everyone is sad and wants it to start over which is only a dream. Time flies by and then its time to bid adieu to the college. Its all just so emotional, difficult to get over. But it ends, and we move on, moist eyed, and with hope and promises to stay in touch forever, which is again a relative term.

P.S. Please add your own experiences folks. 🙂

Back in here

In Confrontations in life. on March 4, 2010 at 12:17 AM

Hey Everyone. Yeah, for the past few weeks i have been strictly away from one of my favourite things, Blogging. But now, I am back(Thanks, Aziza) with a vow of not taking such long breaks( It harms creativity you see ;))
After I quit my job with the Advertising firm i was working for( My God I so loved that job), I have been surrounded by all kinds of Exams, GD’s Interviews, Business, Family, and God knows what not. Terrible experience, but didn’t skip the lesson anyways. If you are planning to take a real long break, plan it well in advance, and be sure, its no routine thing else you are sure to get bugged and bored of the break itself.
Now, a little about the MBA Admissions, which I, like many other aspirants am seeking since last few months. I dont want to play the blame game, but Education has become very, Dramatic these days. 😉 Thats all about Education, Summarized in one line.

Yeah. Feels good to be writing after long.
Keep reading, there’s lot more to come now.!!

What i wish

In Confrontations in life. on November 2, 2009 at 1:29 PM

They ask me what I wish,
And I really have got desires

I want a land of no betrayal
Where people are not up for just survival
Though I know not if i will ever find one
Such a wish seems surreal

Faces which I recognize now,
I wish they could be as good deep inside,
For the skin doesnt reflect it,
What lies beneath is the truth

Why do i need to crawl along,
when my desire is for speed
I want it all to get moving
To fulfil what i do need

I want a change in attitude
so people dont pull each other for own good
Why can people be not selfish
When do we get a reason to relish

I want them all to live, not survive,
I wish they could all feel the vibe
This is the right time you always wait for
to get things done and more.

There is this desire for affection
which sometimes you get from strangers
why cant your own people be nice
when sometimes the unknown do surprise

Why do we need to call it yours and mine
when we know it is all just ours
and they ask me what i wish,
i really have got, desires…

Its You versus Everyone

In Confrontations in life. on September 10, 2009 at 3:14 PM

Now, this phrase sounds familiar isn’t it? Yeah, it sounds so to me as well. But its not some advertising line, and is very much not some motivational crap(yeah even i hate motivational stuff @ unrequired times). This is what many people in India and probably only in our beloved country do actually face, everyday, and its fun!

No. I am not gonna blabber about poverty, unemployment, educational state, or any matter of national and political interest. Go join a political party or read some shitty political news if you want that. Better off, listen to some politician speech on youtube(imagine doing

This phrase is about something totally irrelevant. Yes. Its actually about getting into BUSES. Now that was a silly one but as you read on, it will doom upon you, that yeah, this guy’z got a point. 🙂

Every morning, when i get out of house, like many other people, who come out at different times (poor call center guyz, *pity*) there are many a scene which attract my attention. The most peculiar one is people running after buses to catch hold of the iron rod and then pull it towards themselves so that some law of repulsion(or whatever) acts and they get into the bus, through the already crowded pathway. It sounds pretty simple but the difference is when you visualize it with keen interest. Then, there are different kinds of passangers who try getting into the bus. Experienced ones, Begginers, Young ones, old people, Women, Girls, and so on. There are times when these poor newcomers are bullied by older experienced ones, for their inability to cope up with this new experience.

Once the passenger gets into the bus, another hurdle is making way through the board to reach a position where he could at least breathe. He still wonders in his mind, what kind of conductor he is goingg to face. There are types of them. the younger ones are less rude and lil easy going. the older ones are nightmares, they talk rude and dun give a shit to what crap you are facing. Amazingly true, you get bullied by conductors as well.

Once the passenger feels he ll manage even standing and is now set, he feels his foot being stamped, his bag being pulled, sometimes he gets hit with ankles and so on. These are the activities which are perennial in buses. people get in and out and that creates a lot of kinetics. harrased, stamped, suffocated, he tries to keep his cool, till finally his stop comes.

Now, another mountain moving task. Getting out of the bus. By this time, the passenger has got used to pushing and screaming. SO he does the same. Tearing the crowd apart, shouting at people who come in way, he reaches the gate, which is again crowded by people like him waiting to get rid of the journey. As the bus slows down a little, the passengers literally jump off it, like frogs and reach the round. The less brave ones wait for the bus to halt and then get down, visibly furious. Now, having breathed a huge lump of the polluted air, which seems as fresh as some hill-station’s early morning air for the moment, he looks at the bus and the passengers who are again getting him, poor victims like himself. This flashes a smile on his face, and he thinks…

Its You versus Everyone baby!

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