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My Campus placement experience

In Confrontations in life. on March 28, 2012 at 3:41 PM

Having secured a placement from college feels great. So read on to discover the whole process and the experience that you can expect during the process.

The campus placement experience was a real learning experience. All the whims and fancies that every one of us had during the rigorous grooming sessions at college were confronted with their realistic counterparts.

The company I got placed in was the fifth company I was appearing for. I was excited and confident at the same time. The experiences that I had gathered while appearing for other processes helped me sail rather smoothly during this process.

This company is one of the best known Indian companies that you can work for. Moreover the work culture and the way the Team interacted with us during the pre-placement talks were the reasons which sparked my interest to appear for the said company.

The processes conducted for selection were –
• Group Discussion (group of 10-11 people)
• Extempore (individually for 32 people)
• Final Interview

In the first round, the GD, the topic given to our group was ‘MBA versus Technical Education’.

Well, this is one of the most generic and well known topics that you can get in your GD. The catch is that the topic does not read any specialized knowledge on any subject. Owing to this generic appeal of the topic, the GD was more of a battlefield than you could generally expect. It began with the usual discussions and moved on to one in which people were speaking either for or against the topic.

The discussion was overall healthy and the members in my group came up with some vivid facts and the pros and cons of the side of the topic they were supporting.

I presented my views to the group for about 3-4 times during the whole discussion, supporting the need of an MBA to gain a broad knowledge base. My focus was on quality, not on quantity. Hence I didn’t speak too much. Having cleared Gd’s in the past, I was hoping I get through this one as well.

There were overall 12 GDs held and approximately 120-125 students participated in the process. Out of this 32 students were short listed for the next round.

The second round was a new method that wasn’t used by any company that came before this particular company. It was a mixed test of your Individual abilities, Skills, Judgment capabilities and Personality. It was like a one-one interface with the panel which consisted of two members. One of them was a psychology expert and other was an HR.

It went on like this:

I entered the room when my turn came. Upon entering, I exchanged greetings with the panel members. The students who had gone in before me gave me an overview of the process. I was supposed to pick up a chit from a bowl and speak on the topic written on it for 5 minutes. I was ready for that.

But, to my surprise, nothing of that sort happened. Instead, they asked me to speak about myself for 5 minutes. Now, that was a real challenge. They gave me a minute to thing, and I was standing there collecting my thoughts.

I made up my mind and told them I was ready, within less than a minute.

I started with my educational details and a short brief about my family. I used the opportunity to present the kind of person I really was. The winning streak was that I was really honest. Plus, I made the whole scenario humorous and interesting. They seemed to be very interested in what I was saying and that called the shots for me.

This was not a elimination round but the scores from this round carried great weightage for the whole process.

The final round was that of a personal interview with a panel of 2 members.

During my interview I was asked the following questions –

• Introduce Yourself
• Looking at your profile, I thing you would be more fit for an Advertising and Marketing role. I think you should try on and off campus for that.
• Why is it you want to get into sales?
• Why do you want to join this company?
• What are your future goals?
• Family Background

My interview went well and I was hoping I would get through.

The company is known for its ethics and care of employees. It was evident throughout the process. After all interviews were over, the panel divided all the aspirants in groups of 10. This heightened our anxiety and restlessness.

Soon, the first group was called to the conference room. I was not on that group. They were inside the room for around 15 minutes during which all others waiting outside developed all kinds of speculations and predictions.

Finally, the students came out and we learned that they did not make it. The panel call them in to brief them and to make sure they are not disappointed. This was an amazing gesture.

Same happened with the 2nd group and I was not in that as well.

Next, they called the third group. We were all guessing we are selected but were unsure. We were called to the conference room which was vacant. We waited for around 10 minutes and were all curious.

Finally the panel members entered and announced what our ears loved to hear. All of us were selected (10 in total form all four colleges).

They congratulated us for making it to this huge enterprise and wished us all luck.

We finally came out, feeling elated, jumping with joy, some making phone calls to their parents.

Some tips from my experience:

In GD, the concept of Quantity is stale these days. Show quality. Remember, it’s not always the one who starts the GD who has leadership qualities. You must develop an ability to steer through and speak relevant content that people would pay attention to. No beating around the bush.

In Extempore and related processes, try to be honest and present yourself in a humorous and intelligent way.

In PI, nothing beats honesty, commitment, and integrity. Show your passion for the role and the company. Be confident and prepared before in hand. Most importantly, relax. These are the same people who you will interact with almost all the time once you are in.


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