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Main MBA hoon.

In Confrontations in life. on May 8, 2011 at 10:42 PM

Insights into the life on an MBA student and a year that is everything but, missing.

‘Main MBA hoon.(I am a MBA  student). Main sabse alag hoon. Mujhe dekh k kabhi yeh mat sochna ke main khush hoon. Aur main dukhi bhi nahi hoon. Main sab kuch hoon, aur dusre pal main kuch bhi nahi. Main MBA hoon.’

For emotions have ceased to exist, and I now bear an indifferent attitude towards life, myself, You, and everything else.


MBA. It all started with the excitement, and here we are, witnessing a change, a splendid one! Today, when I reflect back on the memories of the past one year,  I see a mirage of what has happened and the transition that each one of us has undergone, voluntarily or otherwise.

The following are the snapshots of the change that we underwent, at least the majority of us.

  • I am indifferent to everything around me. Classes don’t bother me now. And exams don’t matter.
  • I don’t show up expressions and emotions on my face, for I have become rigid and strong enough to take anything that comes my way.
  • I take calculated risks now, calculating the exact at which I should start so that I reach college  right on time.
  • I am more focused, and know what I want in life. (Placement)
  • I now value family and friends all the more, and at the same time have learned to be detached and renounce.
  • I am  not a normal human being, I am an MBA.
  • I don’t behave like ordinary people (non-MBAs), for I have learnt to market it all.
  • We MBA’s don’t believe in holidays. So we usually spend time in the class, even on Sundays and national holidays.
  • If at all I get a day off by any chance, I wonder what to do, and by the time I understand what can be done, its already dusk.
  • Exams are like vacations to me. I don’t spend time for more than 3 hours in college for almost a fortnight, that’s my definition of vacation.
  • I don’t crave for earthly belongings now, and have attained a divine state of nothingness.
  • I can use more jargons, and can express almost anything in form of a PPT, graph, or more so, a 3-d figure, and can do the analysis.

All this and more. The past year has been a life-changing experience in the true sense of the expression. And yet there’s much more to come.

MBA isn’t “much ado about nothing”. Its beyond that. Its about No ado about so many things. (Excuse me Shakespeare). Its MBA for you.

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