Binit Agrawal

Business a’int my job or Job is none of my business?

In Confrontations in life. on June 15, 2010 at 12:24 PM

At a point of time in life, you are plagued with all kinds of thoughts about your future: what you are supposed to do, how do you make a living, your aspirations, dreams, desires, and the like.
It is at moment that many people face a question: Business or Job?
Very important and disturbing question, specially for one whose family tradition has always been business. But when you chose to be the change in your family, then there are so many questions to be answered. I know many a people who are facing such dilemma.  So lets point out the pros and cons.
There are positives and negatives of both ways of life. In a job, you get to move, can switch between jobs and places, whereas in Business, you are stuck, unless you have a really widespread business.
On the other hand, Business gives you freedom, to decide, to do things the way you want, whereas Job has many a restrictions on you.
Also, Business has its own Independence attached to it. You are the boss. And in a job, you have someone on your head, all the time.
Then we have security. Business is more about risk and uncertainty, whereas the Job is somewhat stable, at least comparatively better.
As far as earnings are concerned, most of the times business wins, but you can always make a lot of money while on a job, just with the right set of investments.

And there are so many more differences, which would help decide, but i would like to know from all the intelligent readers, experienced and freshers. Please drop in your valuable opinions as comments.

It would make many people to decide their career paths.

  1. Good one Binitwaa really helpful

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