Binit Agrawal

Save the tiger

In Toon Series on May 17, 2010 at 4:04 PM

Right from the 1411 campaign of Aircel, to initiatives taken by major bodies, to facebook communities. Everyone is talking about saving the stripeys. So here i present a new toon, which gives a view of a future classroom, where the teacher tells the students about tigers(which are extinct by then), the way were told about dinos.

On the top of it, the students are amazed both with the tiger, which they have never seen, nor will see, and the Teacher’s grandpa, who actually roamed the earth, when there were as much as 1411 tigers, which without doubt is our generation.

Save the tigers

Comments are welcome, as always.!

  1. I am very impressed….Is it ur own concept, or have u plagiarised it ;)…

  2. Good one Binit!!!

  3. As usual good job!

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