Binit Agrawal

Climate Affects Everyone

In Toon Series on May 17, 2010 at 12:52 AM

Summers are here to stay. The heat is so much, its becoming unbearable and creating havoc in many parts of the world, as we all know. But the reason behind this is our own activities, ignoring the climate. We Humans, being selfish, only take things from nature, empty its resources and never give back, leave alone doing our part to protect and conserve the climate. But nature has its own ways of displaying its fury. The heat is only one of them.
Here I have made up a small cartoon story, which tells us, that whatever we are, rich or poor, climate is everyone’s responsiblity.

Here it goes.

P.S.  This is my first attempt to go for something graphical, over the otherwise textual matter authored by me in the blog. Please give in your views about it. And do care for the nature. We take so much from it.

  1. binit … its damn cute n meaningful .. gud effort… keep it up dear ..

  2. Thanks dear..Motivation helps a lot..

  3. Gr8 work Ohhh my Friend BINITWA
    keep it up and keep going….

    good ideas of posting it in a Graphical pattern
    as ppl have become to busy to read all the textual post

    any ways gr8 thinking really appreciative work

  4. well done brotha….. all i say is keep up d gud spirits u hv it in u!! u tk an initiative v follow u…….. 😛

    • nice idea.. brought back the forest man’s way of narrating things,caricatures(albeit on a different platform now )…n reminded us that our struggle for survival now lies in our prudence to talk less bout the cause and effects of our brutish assaults on the nature and start acting amount of paper work in Copenhagen would do us any good unless all the rich and the to-be rich nations understand that it s high time to stop horsing around and start ACTING !!!

      • Yeah Ananya..Dats a well drafted textual description to thee image. Highly Appreciated.

  5. hey Binit
    great work man….n its seriously true and very much apt for d current scenario…n u said its ur first graphical attempt…but it was lyk were already a professional…so well done n keep it up!!!

  6. Its very creative and thought provoking indeed…

    To be honest, I was totally surprised…Keep it up dude. U have it u.

  7. waah waah….awesome……

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