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Circle Of Life. GITAM

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It all began with the Results of our 12th class exams (for most people at least). That was one moment of euphoria! (Wallah,I passed feeling!)
Next step was GRADUATION! One much-hyped phase of life, where we expect the much sought after freedom, which we were barred all these years of our lives. So its quite natural to get excited about it. Most people start looking for colleges, which would serve the definition of their dream college. And after enquiries, Exams, etc we shortlist different colleges, in order of our priorities.
I chose Gandhi Institute of Technology And Management,(GITAM) as one of the colleges, like many other interesting people who, gradually became classmates, and then a neccesity of life.

First day of entering the Huge GITAM campus, walking along the naturally decorated “walk-way”. It impressed me so much that i made a decision that i would ignore the other Very popular Bangalore based college which i got through for this one.

Next is the CMS building. So, this is where i will be spending the next three years of my life. Impressive.  A whole day of formalities, including GD, PI, etc and then came the admission merit list. Phew, I am in.  Now, the excitement grew stronger by the day. Hostel admissions, shopping, etc. And then comes the first day in college. So many new faces, strangers, but a feeling that we are classmates, which was binding everyone together.  The Interaction with beloved seniors was another big event. Scary & fun at the same time. Giving Self Descriptions (SD) , GITAM Salute, No going to canteens, wearing formals, Shirt pocket is “Senior Pocket” and so many other things.

Making friends was another important affair. Though at first you tend to like a few people and think these are the friends you want to be with in your years of graduation, you eventually realize that each person in you class is special, is a friend, and is important.
Thus begins a series of classroom lectures, Discussions, Presentations, Parties, etc. Then comes the official announcement of the Fresher’s Party. Yeah! This is what we were waiting for. Fresher’s party is one of the best parties of every one’s life. You can not forget the fun you have in there!

Then comes the dreadiest of them all – Exams. People like me, who beleive in one day batting, start studying, 10 PM the previous day. By 12 AM we feel, we have over-studied and go back to our relaxed state. Each exam passes like this and a year of graduation ends. Finally, its time for the farewell party. Next phase of excitement, Freshers are coming in. All that happened the previous year repeats, with the only difference that we step into senior’s shoes. And we realize that its fun both ways. Amidst all this hustle bustle, comes GEM, the B-school fest. That is one time, when people really work hard, and most importantly, together. Culturals, Artists, Games, Academics. Everyone is busy, doing what he/she could do the best. And GEM becomes a success, thanks to the efforts of the Faculty & Students.

Now as the second year in college is about to end, comes the Sentimental phase, of bidding farewell to the seniors. A party is arranged, and all the memories are remembered. With fun, and emotions, we wish the seniors a great life ahead .

Comes third year, and this is reason enough to get everyone attached to each other. The last year of Graduation. Everyone want to get the most out of it. Spend time with friends, whom we may not see for a long time after college gets over, preparing for future and the competitive exams, and lots more. Its one highly sensitive phase, and the feeling of that phase lasts for a lifetime, feels nostalgic even when i am writing this now.

Then the tour, the best part of Graduation. Planning starts, and we collectively decide on the places to go. Different departments are assigned and we understand our own responsiblities. The tour starts, and we have the best times of our lives. Amidst the Industrial Visits, we have fun out of this world. Much of the credit goes to the company of beloved friend. So much of views, dancing, merriment. Everyone wishes this never ends. At the end of the tour, it feels the earth has stopped rotation. It was all so good, so ecstasic.

Few months left for the final departure from the college. Everyone is sad and wants it to start over which is only a dream. Time flies by and then its time to bid adieu to the college. Its all just so emotional, difficult to get over. But it ends, and we move on, moist eyed, and with hope and promises to stay in touch forever, which is again a relative term.

P.S. Please add your own experiences folks. 🙂

  1. Forgot to add another important aspect of life @ GITAM as a BBM student. CBA exams. Reading the business magazines hiding them under books, as though it were some fashion magazine. And that torture of CBA. Also, the different sections used to fight with each other to send the other class first for the exam, so that we can pounce on the questions and go and get good marks!!!

  2. Yeah.. Very true Binit..!!

    Still remember June 29,2006.. our first day in CMS & thos suckin Orientation classes fo 2 dayz but yu kno wat 2 day i can bear thos classes if again v 120 students can sit 2gthr BBM2006-09 seemz like a dream but da one dat i hv livd..!! Mishh everythin.. bunkin classes.. proxies.. eatin in class n thos horribl CBAz wen ol around v cud lissen onli one word “ANSWERS..!!”
    Miss every face v used 2 see everyday fo 3 yrs ol da hostel fun.. dat miserabl hostel food.. yu guys comin down gals hostel 2 collect material jus b4 xam.. studyin 2gthr xam in campus though studyin was jus an xcuse o reason 2 b 2gthr hrs 2gthr studyin fo hrs 2gthr outside CMS after xam jus discussin ol crap xcept xam everythin was so much fun.. we ol wer so much involved dat v 4got dat we hv 2 leav dis coll dis CMS dese frenz dese ol memoriez n came da day v neva wanted May 5,2009. It felt as v jus blinked our eyes n it ol started n nw its ova Nw ol frenz spread here der livin lives jus wid memoriez Mishh yu ol so much Love yu guys
    Khushboo Rathi 206B082

  3. OMG!! wat?? this sounded like some promotion article for our insti! guys ,whoeva reads this let me tell u tht binit has drawn a very rosy picture of the insti …he made it luk like some normal college with the usual(and some not so usual) lookin guys and gals going and studyin and havin fun..hell no!! there is more to it…binit i beg of you pls write another article on “Gitam boarding school” so tht ppl understand wat i meant by ‘more’.

    • Ananya!! Khud hi college ki badnaami? Very bad. That too coz the office guys didn answer ur call? Worse.
      Lol..GITAM is cool. And it will always be. Rules and regulations toh har college mey hote hain. U jus need to find ways to break free…

  4. hey binit dis is 2 gud.. n al da thngs got refreshd again…. i still feel lik v met day day b4… its such a wonderful feelin… n its da strngth 4 us…. really its da life i can say

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