Binit Agrawal

Back in here

In Confrontations in life. on March 4, 2010 at 12:17 AM

Hey Everyone. Yeah, for the past few weeks i have been strictly away from one of my favourite things, Blogging. But now, I am back(Thanks, Aziza) with a vow of not taking such long breaks( It harms creativity you see ;))
After I quit my job with the Advertising firm i was working for( My God I so loved that job), I have been surrounded by all kinds of Exams, GD’s Interviews, Business, Family, and God knows what not. Terrible experience, but didn’t skip the lesson anyways. If you are planning to take a real long break, plan it well in advance, and be sure, its no routine thing else you are sure to get bugged and bored of the break itself.
Now, a little about the MBA Admissions, which I, like many other aspirants am seeking since last few months. I dont want to play the blame game, but Education has become very, Dramatic these days. 😉 Thats all about Education, Summarized in one line.

Yeah. Feels good to be writing after long.
Keep reading, there’s lot more to come now.!!

  1. Nice to see you back 🙂

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