Binit Agrawal

The Purest form of joy..

In Generic on December 22, 2009 at 7:04 PM

In the quest for knowledge, money, power, and what not, people today have lost interest, or probably overlooked the little joys of life. Even businessess today are potraying these joys and reminding people to not skip these little joys. I wanted to list down these little joys of life, which i personally enjoy, and feel is worth sharing with all people, coz u never know, u might be just skipping the fun when this post might help.

1. Birdwatching: It is one of the rare hobbies which not many people enjoy. I enjoy looking aat t he birds when they fly, and when they hop. There is a specfic pattern with different kind of birds. Many thoughts take off with the birds. When you are watching the minutest moments of a birs, you feel like a free birs, and that rekindles lost hopes. Try this one out for sure.

2. Photography: Capturing special moments, and that too with style is one passion i have. There is so much beauty all around, and there is a need to capture these scenes for they may not appear forever. Photography is an Art. You develop a different kinda vision, an eye for beauty,  an eye for perfection, a spotting nature.

3. Reading: They say books are a man’s best friend, and they are right. Books give you everything from company, to knowledge, to entertainment. The more you read, the more you crave for more.

4. Writing: Try penning down your thoughts whenever you think of something good or bad. ANd later on when you read it, u ll be surprised. Writing ignites the passion to put into action, though virtually, what you think , and feel. The way it works is that, the ideas get out of your mind, even if on paper, and start breathing.

5. Kids: The reason I put this as the last point is that the best things are always saved for the last . Play with a kid for a few minutes and you ll understand why this makes up to be the most important item on this list. The innocent smile, the heartfelt laughter, the trust that they have on you, that you wont let them fall, the sweet childish activities, the selfless love. All these things only a kid can make u feel. They say kids are God. I say God also wishes he was a kid.

These things make me feel good about life. They rejuvenate me when i am exhausted, they rekindle hope when i feel low, they are they way to little happiness, and pure joys of life.

  1. Indeed a wnderful piece.
    If u are into Bird-waching, i would gr8ly recoment to u Salim ALi’s Book on Indian birds….

  2. this is so true… i love ur list and apart from the last one i have actually given time to all 🙂

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