Binit Agrawal

What i wish

In Confrontations in life. on November 2, 2009 at 1:29 PM

They ask me what I wish,
And I really have got desires

I want a land of no betrayal
Where people are not up for just survival
Though I know not if i will ever find one
Such a wish seems surreal

Faces which I recognize now,
I wish they could be as good deep inside,
For the skin doesnt reflect it,
What lies beneath is the truth

Why do i need to crawl along,
when my desire is for speed
I want it all to get moving
To fulfil what i do need

I want a change in attitude
so people dont pull each other for own good
Why can people be not selfish
When do we get a reason to relish

I want them all to live, not survive,
I wish they could all feel the vibe
This is the right time you always wait for
to get things done and more.

There is this desire for affection
which sometimes you get from strangers
why cant your own people be nice
when sometimes the unknown do surprise

Why do we need to call it yours and mine
when we know it is all just ours
and they ask me what i wish,
i really have got, desires…

  1. sahi hai…loved dis 1…

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