Binit Agrawal

One for my college Days..!!

In Generic on November 2, 2009 at 11:15 PM

A new route, a new begining,
With new hopes, comes this ending,

A better life,is what we aspire for,
The best life dat we r leaving behind,

Everyone says a lot abt memories but,
No one knows what is really da feeling,

everything flashes in da memory,
from da 1st day of college, da begining of dis story,

the way we came to know each one,
the way we felt wonderfully awesome,

all those hills nd vallyes of life we came across,
times both good and bad we did cross,

friends became a part of our life,
everything from NCC to SIFE,

and today we are at dis bifurcated road,
in a dillema which path 2 tread,

but what has begun will surely end,
and good times dont last long my friend,

so accept dis bitter truth coz we have 2,
its time 2 say good bye 2 friends old and new,

tears roll down da cheeks without my consent,
and i regret why every beginning has an end!!!!

[Dedicated to GITAM. The college in which I met all those wonderful friends for life, And had the best times of my life. Love GITAM. Love all of you.]

  1. really miss gitam[:(]a lot….and a frnd lyk u

  2. God..missin college this much!?!?
    Anyway this is the common feeling sson after leaving it..
    Nevertheless, our college rocked big time but the irony is that you realise it only when you are close to getting out or after you are out!
    isn’t it?!?!

  3. binitwa!!!!! plzz aise poems mat likh….. it really pains and I jst cant stop myself as tears roll down…….. I really miss GITAM and my friends dere……..


  4. itz very nice binit…all words expressing wat v all r feelin 4 our college…miss old happy dayz…

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