Binit Agrawal

What is love?

In Generic on October 25, 2009 at 10:49 PM

This ain’t my own post. So there is no need to panic all you girls out there.  I am still available 🙂

Okay. Jokes apart,  these are a few lines by one good friend of mine (Simran). Just posting them cause i liked them and hopefully everyone else reading it will like it too.

Here it goes. It is all about love. The feelings, emotions, attachments, and all the stuff that a person goes through when he/she is in love. A wonderful expression of all the happenings ( mishappenings maybe) in love. The way it works, and the way it makes you work. Simple lines they are, but only the ones truly, deeply in love will understand the underlying meaning.


Something that created us
A feeling of togetherness
It changes shape and form
but never dies & lives on

It could have a thousand names
& at times is faceless
It is the magical potion of immortality

Love is cool  as the sea breeze
It has the warmth of the fire
It creates a desire in you,
the more you get it, the more you yearn for it

Love is beautiful
It is ageless & youthful
Love is within you
Love is inside me,

And expression & shower,
Only makes it grow,
by manifolds…

Love is lively,
It fills you with euphoria
Love raises you high
and at times smashes you to the ground

A feeling of Strength at times
and at times it drains you out
Love can move mountains,
& sometimes also floats in the air,

Love is wonderful
Cheerful, Ultimate
Love is yours forever & ever.

  1. described in such a simple yet touching way….love da eternal feeling of togetherness…keep it up…:)

  2. Can’t believe you posted this :)!

    don’t know wats the big deal about it though…
    you write better poems

  3. hi bini

    very well said, very touchy


    It’s when the one bring tears i ur eyes, you still care for him.

    it’s when the one ignores you, but you still try to meet him.

    it’s when the one says he like some one else, but you still smile and say “M HAPPY 4 YOU”

    keep writing but study first for your exams 🙂

  4. Dude .. Really d 1st 2post needs to be appreciated .. and nxt 2 posta really touched me, not only me any engineerin student will feel d same..
    Gr8 work dude keep going and I had never expected dis from our Bintwa.. prabs messaged den only i came to know abut ur blog ..

    • Oh. Thanks a lot buddy. Looking forward to same kind of love & support form you school mates. 🙂
      Man i need to thank prabhav specially! Hez making me famous u see!!

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