Binit Agrawal

When smiles keep you going

In Generic on October 3, 2009 at 11:33 PM


If the whole world were a garden

she got all the thorns

whatever came in the way, pricked

Still she looks at me and smiles,


If suffering forever too seems like luxury

for what she has faced is worse

her heart was shattered time and again

Still she looks at me and smiles,


If even giving away all was not sacrifice

for that she renounced was even more

nothing was left which she could claim

Still she looks at me and smiles,


If all she wanted was a true friend

for she has faced only betrayal

God felt it was too much of a thing

Still she looks at me and smiles,


For I could do nothing but be her friend

for that is all she ever wanted

i could not stop my eyes from getting moist

Still she looks at me, and, smiles…

  1. Lovely Binit 🙂

  2. awsome….

  3. dats very nice and sweet….

  4. superb……

    The moment i saw you cry
    My world came crashing down
    To see those tears fall from your eyes
    Turned my smile into a frown
    I wanted to hold you

    Make everything alright
    But there was nothing i could do
    To stop you from crying tonight
    I felt like a failure
    To myself and to you
    But you said that was nothing
    That i could do
    I held you close
    And made your pain my own

    I tried to make it feel
    Like you were home
    You kissed me softly
    Said you would be alright
    But there was something in your eyes
    That had me worried that night
    And to this day i promise
    Not to let you cry alone
    And to take the pain you feel
    And make it my own

  5. awsum….lovd it

  6. wow…i dint knw u r such a gud wrriter…it waz 1 of d best ones i have read…:)

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