Binit Agrawal

They Call Me the Heart Breaker

In Generic on October 1, 2009 at 2:38 PM

With natural charm, and glittering eyes,
I appear a magnetic personality,
But don’t get deceived by me victim
They call me the heart-breaker.

Alluring at once, and then so plain,
You will find me totally sane,
But deep inside there is a devil
They call me the heart-breaker.

Varied aspects which are sure to work,
To the world I am no shark,
But I am no less a destroyer
They call me the heart breaker.

Dreams that you visualize may shatter,
The world may feel its unfair,
But baby don’t be in the dark
They call me the heart-breaker

Coming to me will do you no good,
It’s a bad world and I am worse,
Do justice to yourself m no liar
They call me the Heart Breaker!

P.S: The Heartbreaker is no reflection of myslef, It can be anyone including you, the reader. So no blames on the writer dudes and dudedettes…!!

  1. Bits.. thats one cool poem!

    PS: who called you a heartbreaker..BTW 🙂

  2. thanks pallavi…nobody did call me…i jus feel so.. 😀

  3. Love is true, feelings are true I am threw.
    Care all I give, tears what I get
    Waste for world, taste of love
    They call me the Heart Breaker!

  4. nice one shikhar…u goin on the right path..keep em flowin bro..!!

  5. very true specially for me BUT

    mind it i say….



  6. it is all a matter of chance, you break some and some break yours!

  7. wat goes arnd…comes back arnd..!!

  8. True form of maverick…!!

  9. really a nice one….

  10. awesome!!!!!!!!

  11. this one is mah fav!! 🙂

  12. Sure it is that my loneliness shall be a curse on you,
    for making me a victim of your actions,
    For all the adulation u showered upon me.
    Still there is silence around,
    there is no revenge ..
    Thy say what goes around comes around,
    And i silently surrender you to faith
    They call you a heart breaker ,
    And me, a soul weeper.

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