Binit Agrawal

Life+Love = ME

In Generic on September 21, 2009 at 12:00 PM

Times may change, people may change, but my love for you will never change!

No. This isn’t some romeo noting down his feelings for his Juliet who he thinks is the most beautiful woman in the world and whom he would bestow all his love, and get the world to her feet, get stars form skies blah blah blah!

Its my LIFE which I am talking about. I have lately realized that even though life passes through different phases, and it takes you for more of a ride kind, all you need to do is love it to live it. Once that love changes, you feel pretty messed up with nothing to do and facing divergent paths which are hard to choose.

Now this kind of a post is not necessarily a morale booster, or one of those which re-instill the love-life attitude in you, but is good to read though. After much thought I think life, can very well be used as an acronym to describe what it has, and what it means.

It is as follows:

LIFE: Love It For Ever! Yeah, coz once you fall in love with life(now get over ‘falling’ being a negation), it gets better. What’s living if you are not bewitched, bewildered, be be be…etc etc?

Its time folks, to get that change, so that you can enjoy, even in harsh times.

Cheers to life,


  1. Life + Love for it = Living up to it and making the most of wat you got…enjoy it as a roller coaster ride.. ups and down and up again 🙂

    my Grandpa you used to say ‘Jiyo’ everytime he raised a toast..:)

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