Binit Agrawal

Its You versus Everyone

In Confrontations in life. on September 10, 2009 at 3:14 PM

Now, this phrase sounds familiar isn’t it? Yeah, it sounds so to me as well. But its not some advertising line, and is very much not some motivational crap(yeah even i hate motivational stuff @ unrequired times). This is what many people in India and probably only in our beloved country do actually face, everyday, and its fun!

No. I am not gonna blabber about poverty, unemployment, educational state, or any matter of national and political interest. Go join a political party or read some shitty political news if you want that. Better off, listen to some politician speech on youtube(imagine doing

This phrase is about something totally irrelevant. Yes. Its actually about getting into BUSES. Now that was a silly one but as you read on, it will doom upon you, that yeah, this guy’z got a point. 🙂

Every morning, when i get out of house, like many other people, who come out at different times (poor call center guyz, *pity*) there are many a scene which attract my attention. The most peculiar one is people running after buses to catch hold of the iron rod and then pull it towards themselves so that some law of repulsion(or whatever) acts and they get into the bus, through the already crowded pathway. It sounds pretty simple but the difference is when you visualize it with keen interest. Then, there are different kinds of passangers who try getting into the bus. Experienced ones, Begginers, Young ones, old people, Women, Girls, and so on. There are times when these poor newcomers are bullied by older experienced ones, for their inability to cope up with this new experience.

Once the passenger gets into the bus, another hurdle is making way through the board to reach a position where he could at least breathe. He still wonders in his mind, what kind of conductor he is goingg to face. There are types of them. the younger ones are less rude and lil easy going. the older ones are nightmares, they talk rude and dun give a shit to what crap you are facing. Amazingly true, you get bullied by conductors as well.

Once the passenger feels he ll manage even standing and is now set, he feels his foot being stamped, his bag being pulled, sometimes he gets hit with ankles and so on. These are the activities which are perennial in buses. people get in and out and that creates a lot of kinetics. harrased, stamped, suffocated, he tries to keep his cool, till finally his stop comes.

Now, another mountain moving task. Getting out of the bus. By this time, the passenger has got used to pushing and screaming. SO he does the same. Tearing the crowd apart, shouting at people who come in way, he reaches the gate, which is again crowded by people like him waiting to get rid of the journey. As the bus slows down a little, the passengers literally jump off it, like frogs and reach the round. The less brave ones wait for the bus to halt and then get down, visibly furious. Now, having breathed a huge lump of the polluted air, which seems as fresh as some hill-station’s early morning air for the moment, he looks at the bus and the passengers who are again getting him, poor victims like himself. This flashes a smile on his face, and he thinks…

Its You versus Everyone baby!

  1. woh.. either you got terrible experiences of travelling in buses or I find enjoyment in that … you know a common man has few choices.. and it always comes with options like take it or accept it graciously :)…

    yeah all that you wrote happens in buses, being a guy you happily forgot to add, eve-teasing.. anyway, till last yr I used to travel daily in buses and must say, love it… minimum 2 hrs every day to yrself..pushing your way ahead, stuggling. But don’t you think all this gives a sense of achievement? to me it does. you post has such a sorry approach to it…now I occassionaly travel in buses and whenver I look at those who do I always get a wow! feeling, I have done that and game to do it whenever I want to rather have to!

    But you r right- Its me versus everyone who thinks like you 🙂

    PS: though the post sums up everything quite aptly and yeah conveys wat most of those who travel in buses probably think…

    • Its not that people don’t like this kinda travel, and i can understand that sense of achievement very well. But again, there are people who don’t find it quite a sport. So it is from the point of view of those, who feel it quite difficulty, yet don’t forget to grab the moral, i.e. Its You versus Everyone 🙂
      BTW thanks for sharing your perspective of the journey. its quite different and covers the other lot of people who actually have fun traveling in buses.

  2. Gud one as usual Binit 🙂

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