Binit Agrawal

This is our way of revenge :)

In Confrontations in life. on September 9, 2009 at 4:52 AM

Its 8th september, just another evening. Location: Andheri East-West flyover. Had a meeting which went good. Everything seemed cool, maybe cause there was a cool surprise. Yeah. Drizzles. I thought “Oh my god, not again, I dont wanna get drenched again”. So, began rushing towards home. Now m at the begining of the bridge which is little steep at the beginning, at the west side. The rain drops are getting bigger and more scary.

I was about to rush away when I witnessed a scene, that of Indians and the way India works. It made me smile, and i was smiling all the way back, (m smiling even now while typing this)

Ok. So as i put up earphones in my ears, for some “my kinda music on the go”, I saw a bunch of foreigners, dressed in their usual tees and shorts, carrying huge backpacks and trying to get an auto, for what destination, I dont know. Then came a wave, one of poor, rags clad, miserable looking, stinking, and filthy acting beggars. Yeah, there were around a dozen of them. These people saw from their hide-out,(wherever it is), a once in a blue moon opportunity. Its coz we dont see foreigners more often on the streets in this part of mumbai, this being more of a business area, and no tourist place.

They came. They Saw. They Begged!. Yeah! The wave hit these foreigners like a tsunami. The beggars, tried using every english word they knew, maybe to gewt some dollar bills. And then, when begging didn’t work out, they resorted to touching and harassing the very “hygenic”  foreigners with their ugly looking hands. And I must say that was a scene every Indian must witness. i swear a sense of pride and respect would have filled hearts. Man, there were many of them, of all shapes and sizes. Small ones, huge ones, kids, Women, Old women,and 2 of those handicapped poor people who tread around in skate-board kinda things. They women were the worst. They touched these foreigners in their heard and cheeks, the handicapped ones grabbed their legs refusing to let go.

Infuriated and disgusted, the poor fforeigners tried to save themselves, in vain. All the time they screamed, “move back I say” and “no”, which fell to deaf ears. I was seeing all this and one of the beggars turned to me. on which i just smiled and said “baba, aaj mauka mila hai, dollar kama lo, hum toh yahin hain paise dene k liye” and he smiled back. But being indians, they didn not give up, until the foreigners finnaly gave up and passed on few notes, which i cudn’t see whether Indian or foreign currency.

The whole scene reminded me of the injustice that is being to Indians the world over. Sometimes they are harrased at airports, at times, being immigrants they are abused, and even the students are humiliated. And then I felt, Indians, have always followed the path of non violence, and NO tit-for-tat attitude. They beleive, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Maybe this is our of getting things done. If the politicans,  representatives of the people are not doing it, the better lot is doing the work.

So next time you see a beggar on the streets, thank him for helping the Indians abroad, and show him some foreigner around.
This is our way of revenge 🙂

  1. This is a very true situation for every one of us who has faced in some or the other time.. But we don’t know that from where were these foreigners from..!! Do we as Indians like if the foreigners carry the image of India with them as a country of poverty and beggars?? Instead.. we should try to remove poverty from India.. There are many social institutions in India and even govt is trying hard.. Lets takeup this as a serious matter.. and not let foreigners take India as an image like this kind

  2. binitwa..this is ur first entry that i read and i must say that a sense of pride filled me after reading..i am really feeling so good today that you at last have started realisin ur potential, jokes apart which you always had…its lyk someone very close to me has achieved somethin gr8..congos for ur sexy blog!!
    Long way to go Dude!!! 🙂

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