Binit Agrawal

Come back soon Ganesha :)

In Confrontations in life. on September 4, 2009 at 10:47 AM

Grandeur, Pomp n Show, Greatness, and overall, trust of millions of devotees. This is what comes to my mind when i witness the much talked about ganesh utsav in mumbai. Spectacular views of huge idols, decorated with heavenly attires and accessories, gleaming and producing a light of its own. So grand is the utsav, that you are bound to be affected by it, whther u r a student, working professional, businessman, or a got-no-work person.

Although during the 10 days of Ganesh Utsav you sometimes see some idols being carried in different modes of transportation, for the holy dip in water, to bid a “come back soon_ to the lord, the most bombastic of them all is the last day of the celebration chain. I happened to witness this event, and feel the greatness of it.

It all starts @ the streets. I was simply troddling aroung my society when i felt like going to juhu for my kinda coffee. Interesting isn’t it. So a got out of my society and voila! A new world altogether. The bridge that connected Andheri East and West have earned itself a new look. For a moment it seemed like it wasn’t any cement-and-rod bridge but a bridge made of humans! So many people at once? It was the famous ganesg visarjan going on and i was awe-struck. People had lined up on both sides of the bridge, and the trucks, which had the idols of the lord were passing on one by one, giving the spectators a feast for their eyes, as they were able to see the idols of different places, being comfortable at the bridge.

Another noteworthy sight was the temporary watch-house kinda stages that were setup by different political parties. These stages had microphones and loudspeakers installed which were screaming “Ganpati bappa morya” for every club that passed by. Also there was this pitch wherein the mic-screamers were announcing the name of the parties win a bid to advertise.

Then there was the fun part. The lord, and his devotees were not destined to get this farewell organized without mist hungama. So , to overcome the noise of so many people gathered, there were different kids of bands which were catering to the interests of people who were dancing away their sorrows and filled with joy, accompanying their very own bappa.

I was tacken aback when i saw the kind of music arrangements that were made. Some people had local bands which beat hard and played desi music tunes, mostly marathi ones. And then there were the sci-fi people who had 10’s of huge speakers put together in a truck and playing music, as if trying to convey to the local pubs and discs “show me what you have got”!!

These bands played all kind of music ranging from marathi numbers to hindi ones, (dhan te nan kinds). What caught my attention for good was two of the parties were different form others. One was a huge procession, sporting a live DJ, with SCI-FI music system, playing some marathi bhajan “Vithal vithal vithala” and the other was probably the rally of the shiv sena activists which had people waving shivsena flags. The music of this rally was the loudest of em all and was playing “shivsena shivsena” song. This made me think, no wonder the thakreys are powerful people, as they strike the right chords, direct on the heart of people. They even setup this stage thing, and distributed something , also giving speeches and slogans. i waited for a moment, hoping to get a glance of someone of the thackreys, but in vain.

The best part was that it was raining heavily, and the raindrops sparkled like diamonds in the light from the hallogens fitted on trucks. Night,Rain, Light, Music, Dance. Can anything get more exciting? I dont think so.

That way, the devotees, with all their excitement, danced away with the lord sitting in trucks, and wondering perhaps, “are you happy for me, or are you happy for what you have done”. A must-see event for everyone. Luckily I got a chance, but you need to take yours.


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