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In All Stuff in here. on August 18, 2009 at 9:22 AM

Okies. Beautiful pictures na.I know. I didn write my morining blog today. Feeling very low. Down with cold, cough and throat infection(OMG!!). I was jus pondering over this thought for quitesometime now..”what can be an interesting topic to write about”. And then nothing very interesting came up. My friends are of no help in such situations as I dont get comments on my blog which would inspire me and provide with topics.

After such beautiful pics, Its quite natural that the mind is filled with ecstacy for sometime. And I dont wanna destroy such beautiful feelings with some nonsense real-life blah blah! Beauty is just natural, all the time. I remember this incident when i had to stay up all night just 2 watch sunrise! It was with a friend of mine, when we roamed around the city till 2 A.M and den lied on the beach till sunrise.(beleive me thats true). God! That was a feeling, truly one of a kind.  Watching sunrise in yerada beach is one of my favourite things to do.

The latest news around is about SRK getting bumped up at US airport for some reason. I don’t understand the reason that should not have happened! Imagine some american superstar in India. If he goes through some airport checking, and the system shows some problem with him. the airport/customs guy doesn’t care for who he is and will definitely ask him to come for further checking. For him, he is just another person, a foreigner, with whom the computer system has a problem. And even if he claims hez a GOD overseas, its not going to create much difference for the customs guy. All in all, stars should also learn to co-operate, and not raise political issues and relegion in such matters.

Huh? What am i talking about! Why NEWS? Has my creativity gone dry? Or am i becoming a reporter or some alien? Absolutely not. Just an expression of biews. We have the right to freedom of speech, so why not use it?

Now, talking of beauty, i hope most of us agree on the fact that beauty is natural! And we need not blabber about it anymore. Good day!

  1. awsome pics! did you click them?

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