Binit Agrawal

Feelings, Why do we have them?

In All Stuff in here. on August 18, 2009 at 9:45 AM

Parting. Such bizzare events in one’s life. You cannot avoid them. You cannot bear them. Why is it that partings have to happen. Why is it that you cannot stay with your loved ones? Why is life so rude? All these feelings, and even more, in true poetic ‘andaaz’

Gham-e-judaai gham-e-ishq ko bhi par kar jaata hai,

Hanstay hue ko aisa bura yeh rulaata hai,

Teri yaad har pal mujhe aayegi jaaneman,

Ab toh yeh gham hi hai jo uthata hai, sulata hai…

Letting someone go is not an easy task you know what happens when you are left all alone, in your solitude misery. Few lines to explain that situation, when a loved one is gone, far away:

Aaj phir teri yaadon pe ashk bahana hai,

karna hai yaad tujhe, aur apni yaad bhi dilana hai,

Tu na jaane kis tarah bitaye yeh lamhe intezaar ke,

dekh kar ek jhalak teri woh saare gham bhulana hai,

Aankhon ke jharokon mey chipe hain woh khwaab saare,

In palkon ki shikayat pe, aaj wahi khwaab inhe dikhana hai,

Rakh li hain yaadein kahin pe ek saugat samajh kar,

Pal do pal ki tanhayi mey un lamho ko bhi guzar jaana hai,

Tut kar bikharta hun har pal tere bagair ab toh,

Bas sochta rehta hun, is dard ka anjaam kab aana hai,

Aaj phir teri yaadon pe ashk bahana hai…

The greatest of all hard feelings, the feeling of parting, of getting separated. Thats all about it. Yet there’s much more to it.

  1. life is a circle and moves on… Parting if happens is painful yet to be accepted and yes, sometimes for good too! only that we realise it over a period of time… Even if it means parting with someone you think you love most dearly… only if Life was fair and square, it won’t have anything to look forward to…I live under hope that everything leads us to something good and positive in life.. Parting is that part of life we cannot escape

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