Binit Agrawal

X-Citement – One day in life.

In Confrontations in life. on August 14, 2009 at 11:57 AM

Why? WHy on earth am i blogging right now? No idea! But its like I am in a great mood, very happy and excited. And u know creative energy flows in at such moments. Ideally, I am a happy-go-lucky person, whom u will rarely find in a bad mood. As they say, “alwayz in high spirits”(spirits guys! MOTIVATION!!);)

Of late this song is jingling in my mind, and I am not able to overcome the effect of its melody – Aahun aahun…. Dont know why m gettin such a wierdo. but again that happens when you are very excited. This is what happens when you call your boss to ask for some task and he says the next task is: “Go home, party and have a great weekend”!! First time experiences thoe, ppl, respect the fresher attitude!

Now lemme post a story. A day in binit’s life. it started with a sound. Yes, my day starts with this phone alarm sound, screaming “getup dog, Its your day!!”. Forcively, I got up, snoozed it, and back to slumber again. Again after 10 mins,(u knw how these alarms are, i wonder what SOAB made ’em). So i finally go up, wid one eye open, and den slowly da other. Day seemed good. One roomie reading newspaper in front of me. I jumped outa bed, roamed a lil and den headed for mah daily chores.

8:30 AM and m dressed and ready. What? Crazy? U r binit, the deep slumber champ I said 2 myself. But den, Bambai nagariya guys! Having nothing to do, I moved outa house wid mah bag. Below-average mumbai day. Less crowd.  So i went walking and had mah breakfast, took a ride and reached workplace. Now again an Irony. 9:15 AM and m at the office, Its all like a set of Aahat here. So silent. Nobody around

I started to write my morning blog. By the time I had finished 2 paragraphs, Prashant my neighbour in office, appeared. We exchanged morning greetings and slowly the place was getting crowded with rizwan, sweta, reema, and all others pouring in. Reema told me about the gfacebook thing and then we discussed some office policies and stuff like that, which u wont be interested in.

Arnd 10:30 AM, got a SMS frm Mr. Shekhar abt the day’s task. As usual i loved this task as well. I feel I have the most satisfying job in the world! And yes man I do have. I’m really really lovin’ it! Day passed on. Had tea, coffee bites and other stuff. During lunch break, I had my Asli foods lunch pack. Prashant ordered for a club cheese sandwich. So we sat 2gether and has lunch. After lunch just went out and moved around. Then returned back to work. TO my surprise, I got a message from a person who wanted our company services. Altough I am not into client handling and all, I am still adding on to the client base. i informed mr shekhar and he sounded pleased. This made me feel even better and again, M lovin it!

This went on similarly till 4:30 and den i called boss to ask abt another task, and u already know the response. After that m here sitting and writing blog. That how TODAY passed. Tomorrow is independence day, so no office, no classes. And  sunday too is off. So next meeting, on Monday.



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