Binit Agrawal

Keep It Up!

In All Stuff in here. on August 14, 2009 at 4:28 AM

Sounds Simple, isn’t it? A simple Keep it up message can possibly not create ripples, and is not something to go ga-ga over. But then, there are some events which simply crop up in life and make such ordinary things, such mindblowingly significant. It was just the other day i was talking with this friend of mine and was telling about some achievement, that she spilled out the words – “keep it up”. And my reply, exclusively binitwa style, “I alwayz keep it up”. Now, not many would actually try getting to the depth of these words which again sound so lay-man types, but there is more to it. An underlying hidden meaning, which is not to be revealed, just to keep people brooding over it.

One more great thing that i noticed, there’s this group in facebook which screams “late night talks”. I mean, What the Fish? Are there not better things to do in life? Not about the talks but making groups abt such absurd things, and then other people joining them. Wondering why I am creating such a mess of  a bloody group? Its because I’m also an underground member of the larger community of nocturnals!

Ah! I dun feel like typing crap anymore! Lets get over it. Thats all for now.

  1. are you trying to say-‘ Keep it up’ has got significance to it??? and is an over-used/exploited word and is not such a big deal in life

  2. apologises I meant to say does your post suggest Keep it up’ has got NO significance to it??? missed writing No…

  3. for me a word of appreciation, encouragement, inspiration/ pat on the back etc etc are tre’s tre’s important! hmm..lets say like fuel is for an engine.. words like Keep it UP …keep me going !

  4. it has..but its being differently potrayd herein..dats an experience and has got a meaning, which is related exclusively to me…i wud luv it if you can share your own thoughts describing the phrase..

  5. I thought I just did.. anyway to explain it again.. Keep It Up.. means if I achieved something that earned me that phrase, then it means the bar for next time goes a notch higher… it is like boost to do better. It also means someone places their faith in me that I can do the task assigned or shoulder a responsibilty… etc Etc etc!

  6. yeah u did..I posted dat reply widout looking at yours first. Nice thoughts..

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