Binit Agrawal

Good morning “Myself”

In All Stuff in here. on August 13, 2009 at 4:26 AM

Weird? Somebody wishing good morning to himself. Well thats my state of affairs- and u need not try to figure it out, simply because- You can’t! Ok now lets not make things cheesy anymore. Well another bright sunny day in my life[;)] I assume there is some relation between the climate outside and my blogging. Maybe I am more of a solar-powered person(another weird bouncer?)  Now, being completely charged, I tend to describe another set of interesting events going around.

To begin with, ever wondered what it would be like to have a friend who is completely your types,  more of a mirror image, in the true sense of the word? If you haven’t try imagining. I take all pride in saying that i am among the very few lucky people who have experienced such a relationship in life, and still experiencing.  And truly truly, I’m loving it!!!

A little intro of this darling, haq banta hai yaar!! Well, this friend of mine, to be very frank is a complete weirdo!(remember the mirror image thing??) Yes, together we make up a once-in-a-lifetime pair of friends! Complete freako, naughty, alluring and the most interesting part is dis friend is  super cool!

Together, we have done such crazy stuff, which in fact wouldn’t be half as fun with ANYONE else!! Ever tried to scare, or in fact, tease a auto driver? Tried to cross signal when there’s hell lot of traffic coming towards you? Ever acted like a couple all the time, so much that people around you go crazy and start bitching about you? Ever tried to shop the whole day for continious 5 days? Morever, plan for a movie suddenly and rush to the multiplex in no time? And the list of activities goes on…

Man, sometimes I wonder what on earth this relationship is like? The best part is that Love never comes in between, and it wont. The best of both worlds is what I am experiencing, and even my friend is, hopefully, naaaaah! she is definitely, I know.

This is enough of no-nonsense stuff for today, its time to get into some serious official stuff. Too much personal work in office is hazardous!!

  1. “botu…- i feel really very lucky to have a friend like you who is exactly like me.”

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