Binit Agrawal

The “Swine flu” fear

In All Stuff in here. on August 10, 2009 at 11:31 AM

Just another bright sunny morning in life. Everything seems so cool and good. No rains since the last two weeks and no signs of it for the rest few days as well.From the time i kicked myself off bed to the time I reached office(9:30 AM) it was all normal and jolly like any usual day. Office too appeared as a workable place as ever. So began the normal work routine in the office. Colleauges gradually flowed into the office one after the another and work gained momentum.

As I was busy reading an article about tips on social media(which has now become my anthem, bible and all such things put together) I suddenly noticed something which would have otherwise scared me off, had it not been an office in “Mumbai”. As i lifted my gaze to have a clear view of what was happening around, I witnessed what made me wonder if i am actually in my office and not in some operation threatre kind of set up in a medical camp or call it some chemical labaratory with all those scary fumes and pungent smells all around. The scene was altough not that scary. Most of my office-mates on the other side of the desk sported a surgeon-look-alike mask. In the first glance it seemed sceptical, but then memories of the headlines in a newspaper which i got a chance to accidentally look at in the morning waiting for the breakfast, flashed. Yes,That is it. The latest buzzword. SWINE FLU. People in office are actually scared of swine flu spreading and are seriously considering wearing masks for protection [which are available for 13 bucks(thats the ‘official’ price, but…)] and that shows a good sign of concern in people’s mind about checking the spread of this epidemic H1N1 virus.

Well, some informal discussions then filled the air. I learned(and I was NOT eavesdropping mind you!) that the symptomps are headache, nausea, cold, cough, sorethroat and the like. Altough it is assumed to be incurable(owing to the news of deaths due to swine flu rising everyday), there is treatment for it, if diagonised at early stages.

Altough this interest in masks and “prevention is better than cure” theory stayed up for quite sometime, The post 4:30 PM-tea period witnessed most of the masks free of the faces of the bearers, and swine flu fear considered a thing of history. After all, change is essential they say!


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